the dream

For many years I’ve held a desire to travel the entire navigable length of the River Murray.  There is something about Australia’s greatest waterway that really draws me in.  It’s history, beauty, danger and its critical importance in sustaining life in our country fascinates me.  If you’ve witnessed a tranquil morning fog, fished a good snag, or camped in an isolated location, you’ll know what I mean.

My decision to ‘live the dream’ provides great opportunity to be all-consumed by the river’s natural beauty, at a time when good flow and levels have improved its overall health and ecology.  People also fascinate me and I look forward to the many characters that I know I will meet along the way.

The time has come to take up the challenge and turn my dream into reality.  It would be awesome if the journey could extend from Yarrawonga VIC to the Murray Mouth SA – more than 2000km down stream on the magnificent River Murray.  The reality is that the top 1000km is achievable in canoe only due to low water at this time.  So the challenge will be to travel the lower 1000km, from about 120km above Mildura to the Murray Mouth.

If this has been my dream over the years, I’m guessing there’s a few of you who have held the same dream.  If you’re one, enjoy this record of my trip.  I hope I can inspire you to live your dream too, whatever it might be.

David – January 2011


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